Spiritrade, the world’s only B2B Global Drinks Exchange, is pioneering sustainability in the drinks industry. Our mission is to revolutionise the trade while minimising environmental impact. Our strategy focuses on simplifying the supply chain, utilising global bonded warehouses to significantly cut down transport miles and reduce carbon emissions. 

A cornerstone of our approach involves addressing the challenge of short shelf life stock. Traditionally, unsold drinks result in environmental degradation due to wastage and pollution from destruction. Our platform counters this by finding buyers, thereby preventing wastage and promoting a circular economy. 


The Molson Coors UK case study highlights our commitment. Facing the destruction of 100,00 cases (equivalent to 2.4 million cans), Molson Coors sought to dispose of inventory, risking high emissions and resource wastage. Spiritrade intervened and found a buyer. This not only saved valuable resources but also prevented the release of emissions associated with waste disposal.


Spiritrade’s approach redefines efficiency and sustainability in the drinks industry. By turning potential waste into opportunity, we not only support the industry’s economic vitality but also contribute to a healthier planet. 


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